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Readings from Pansodan

1. Being Eaten Alive on a Cool, Pleasant Winter’s Morning, by Maung Swe Tint is a short story first published in Shumawa magazine in 1981. Maung Swe Tint’s story, here adapted for Burmese language learners, is a meditative description of the daily life and concerns of an intellectual of the Burma Socialist Programme Party period. This book contains the story in reformed and original Burmese script, questions on the text, extensive annotations, exercises and a translation into English.

Click the title for more information and for a purchasing link; enter discount code 3H7TMMTB to save two bucks fifty and get it for $10.

2. P. Monin’s P. Monin, by P. Monin, translated an annotated by Anna Allott

The second book in the Readings from Pansodan series. The autobiography of influential pre-independence writer P Monin, published in 1939, shortly before his death. Translated and extensively annotated for Burmese language learners by Anna Allott.


Research and learning 

1. Independent Journal of Burmese Studies သိစပ်မြင်နံ့

The Independent Journal of Burmese Studies  aims at fostering the development of vigorous, critical and independent research of the highest quality on Burma by scholars both in Burma and abroad. The editors are inspired by the example of the Journal of the Burma Research Society, and by the current need for a broad, eclectic forum for new scholarship on Burma. Two issues per year. Expected publication of v1n1 July 2016, thereafter twice yearly. Discount code for $5 off the journal J5W9JXAM

2. Burmese Jottings, edited by Courtney Wittekind and Nance Cunningham

A book for beginner and lower-intermediate language learners. Each short article brings out one interesting aspect of the language or set of vocabulary words. By various authors. This book is especially useful for those who cannot study for the moment, but want to avoid forgetting what they know. Expected publication November 2017.

3. Burmese Step by Step, by Nance Cunningham

A book for intermediate learners. Sentences, most in spoken-style Burmese, are built up from one phrase to a whole sentence, to help language learners think in longer sentences. Based on the Daily Burmese materials. Expected publication December 2017.

4. Burmese/Myanmar: a Dictionary of Grammatical Forms, second, revised edition. By Anna Allott and John Okell

The invaluable reference work for intermediate and advanced learners, revised, and with more entries and examples.


Art and General Interest

  1. Burmese Gaze, by Philip Bigg.The Brighton portrait photographer came to Burma in 1988, and visited again in 2009. He has combined the portraits from then and now in this  The book is available from Velvet Goldmine Studio in Brighton as well. Enter discount code FJ63B3EH for 10% off.
  2. Mind Drops, edited by Ewan Cameron
    Pictures and essays about the paintings and installation shown in the 2015 exhibition of works by Aung Soe Min. Expected publication October 2017.
  3. Town of Little Paper Cones, by Aung Soe Min
    Illustrated essay about Kyaukpadaung, famous for its toddy palms and betel quids.

For any inquiries or large orders, please contact Pansodan Books: Nance Cunningham at inkish at gmail.

Banner image: detail from a watercolour by Ba Htay Kyi; font Intimacy, courtesy of Emerald City Fontworks



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