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Yangon, Old Days and New
26 November 2015, 12:28
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A photography exhibition by Catherine Griss, at Pansodan Scene from Saturday 28 November 2015 to Sunday 6 December 2015.

Griss Old RailwayCatherine Griss is a sensitive street photographer who lives and works in Paris.

After photographing the ruins of french colonial power in Cambodia (devastated villas in Kampot, Kep )and Senegal, she decided to come to Burma and mainly Yangon because of its British colonial style heritage and because of this special time of emerging democracy in a world of increasing globalisation.

After great travellers like Rudyard Kipling, Pierre Loti, Pablo Neruda, she first visited the country as a traveller in 1997. But she returned in 2011 and then again in 2012 with the intention of photographing and framing the transition. She is currently in her third photographic visit.

The theme of this exhibition is the old world’s presence in the beginning of a new world. There are three main chapters. The first is the Evolution of Yangon, the walls of old and new buildings, river banks and lifestyles.

the golden pagodas

the golden pagodas

In The Golden Pagodas (from the French Writer Pierre Loti novel), rather than the architecture, she focused on the people who visited the pagodas, taking time out to find peace in the golden halls of Shwedagon.

The Readers documents the Myanmar people’s love for reading, walking through downtown, she noticed many people catching up with news or getting lost in a book. This culture seems to be vanishing with the advent of mobile phones.

Storytelling Workshop — and evening
2 October 2015, 19:29
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Storytelling Workshop - Oct 3

Yangon Echoes at Pansodan Scene

There Might Be a Good Story Behind This Building

An interview with Virginia Henderson and Tim Webster by Nance CunninghamWebster Yangon Echoes Virginia Henderson and Tim Webster’s book, Yangon Echoes, does not highlight the grandest, best preserved examples of Yangon’s heritage buildings. Nor the humblest, most fragile ones. Nor the mixed and smudged range from Strand Hotel to dangerous heap. While architectural heritage is the theme of their book, the people are its centre. That said, the photographs of the buildings as well as the people are fascinating as well. To make the book, they crept down hallways, peered around corners, knocked on the doors of strangers. Virginia: A few people thought we were developers at first. Some people didn’t want to talk, but most did, and even the ones who didn’t would usually invite us in for tea.

U Khin Sein in the second floor lounge with his protégé, Aung San. The former tailor has lived here six decades

U Khin Sein in the second floor lounge with his protégé, Aung San. The former tailor has lived here six decades. Photo by TJ Webster

We live downtown, and that was key. We cycle around, people see us in their streets. Some people were cautious about sharing their stories. We respect that. We visited everyone in the book multiple times, we got to know them all. Some of them we still see. It was about letting people have their say. Tim: Speaking to old people, because of the paucity of research, was invaluable. All that knowledge is in people’s heads. It’s subjective, but the information is there.

Yangon Echoes Shwe Gon Daing TJWebster Yangon_10914 copy

Image from Introduction to YANGON ECHOES: The construction of the flyover at Shwe Gon Daing, August 2013. Photo by TJ Webster

V: The older people who have the memories were really pleased when they realised what we were up to. People keep getting diverted by the buildings — they want to put a plaque on something — but the intangible is important. They were pleased to share their knowledge, they knew it was valuable for the people. T: Sometimes you get a really different view of history. Rather than hering again about Aung San being shot, we heard the story of a girl who was at school nearby, who heard the shots. We heard about her being taken by the hand and walking all the way home, through the grounds of the Shwe Dagon.

Yangon Echoes Ground Zero TJWebster Yangon_12804 copy

Ground Zero: Daw Shwe Yin keeps track of family memories in 50th Street. Photo by TJ Webster

Tim and Virginia will give a talk about the making of their book, including showing images that could not fit in the book, at 15:00 on Sunday 24 May 2015, at Pansodan Scene. Pansodan Scene, 144 Pansodan, second floor (at the corner of Maha Bandula and Pansodan, entrance to the staircase is opposite the entrance to the temple). All photos courtesy of Timothy J Webster

Pansuriya Photography Space – a New Project of Pansodan Gallery
24 March 2015, 19:44
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Pansuriya Photography Space

Pansuriya Photography Space

Pansodan Gallery is proud to announce the opening at the end of March 2015 of a new space to complete the already existing two. Pansuriya Photography Space, the third venue after Pansodan Gallery (2008) and Pansodan Scene (2013), is located in Downtown, just a few streets away from the main Pansodan axis. Pansuriya will be a space displaying from now on only photography. Dedicated in the future to historical as well as contemporary art photography, Pansuriya wishes to showcase through a series of temporary exhibitions, the past of this medium while showing new talents of the scene. The historical aspect of photography is almost invisible at this current moment hence the focus on photography Pansuriya will provide is a way to also encourage research on that field. Stay tuned for the next moves and the soon coming opening!

First Solo Exhibition of Aung Soe Min at Pansodan Scene from 27.03.2015.
21 March 2015, 18:53
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Invitation for Mind Drops

Invitation for Mind Drops

The first solo show of artist and gallery owner Aung Soe Min will open on Friday 27 March 2015 at Pansodan Scene.

The show tilted `Mind Drops` will display works created during the past two years, introducing different series of paintings and sculptures to the public. Moreover a specific installation will complete the visual aspect of the exhibition. The works of Aung Soe Min, usually belonging to separate series of which each focus on a specific issue, bring to the surface subtle topics wrapped in to an expressive brush-handling and experimental use of various techniques – from print to handmade paper through spoons. Join us to discover the multiple layers of interpretation!

The opening of the exhibition will be from 10 a.m. to 6 p.m. of Friday 27 March.

White Wall – screening, artist talk and open discussion at Pansodan Scene – 18.03.2015, 6 p.m.
17 March 2015, 00:31
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Pansodan Scene presents on Wednesday 18 March 2015 an evening with
Sanchita Islam – an artist, writer and filmmaker. Sanchita will screen
on Wednesday her animated short film ‘White Wall’ and will present
‘Soul Scroll’, an artistic project elaborated through five years. Her
talk will be followed by an open discussion around various topics such
as animation technique or her different projects realized from New
York to Brussels. Sanchita has been invited to numerous exhibitions
worldwide and has had several solo shows, one of them in the
Whitechapel Gallery (London, UK) amongst the most prestigious
contemporary art spaces in UK and Europe.

Sanchita Islam’s journey into the art world has been an unusual one.
Sanchita is an artist, writer and filmmaker. She completed her BSc
(econ) and MSc (econ) at the London School of Economics before
embarking on a Channel 4 sponsored MA at the Northern Media School in
Directing and Screenwriting, and a BA in the Practice and Theory of
Visual Art at Chelsea School of Art and Design. Sanchita has exhibited
and screened her films in London, New York, Paris, Bangladesh,
Jakarta, Kuala Lumpur, Rome, India, Pakistan and Frankfurt. She has
shown at the Whitechapel, ICA and Hayward Gallery and completed over
70 group and solo shows including the groundbreaking show
‘Schizophrenia Part I’ where Sanchita showed as four artists,
Sanchita, Sophie, Mia and Fred. She was artist in residence at the
Whitechapel Art Gallery (2003) and artist in residence at Artscape
(2004-2008) and Shoreditch House (2007-2009) and her art has been
featured in various venues around London. She has produced and
directed seventeen films to date including shorts and one-hour films.
The Arts Council, BBC and British Council have mainly funded several
of Sanchita films and books. In 2010 she was commissioned by the UK
Film Council to make an animated short entitled The White Wall. She
collaborated with Didar Films in Tehran, Iran and Andy Frain at
Touchwood-animation on this production. The film has been screened in
New York, Brussels and London. In 2012 she exhibited at Shoreditch
House, London and Soho House, New York and completed her first solo
show at KAOS in Brussels in October 2012. Sanchita’s interest in
mental health stems from her wish to address the stigma associated
with mental health issues. Finally, her project Pigment Explosion
conceived PEP (pigmentexplosionparties), which facilitate a new way of
showing art that is informal and accessible with a dynamic format,
incorporating the spoken word, visual arts and performance. To date
four PEP events have taken place in London, New York and Brussels.
Come and join us Wednesday night from 6 p.m. at Pansodan Scene to
discover Sanchita’s vibring artistic world!
For more information on the artist please visit

Remodelling the Past : Historian Kirichenko

There will be talk by Alexey Kirichenko at Pansodan Scene on 3 March 2015. Dr Kirichenko’s extensive research in palm-leaf manuscripts and other primary sources has turned up a wealth of insights into history.

Remembering and Remodelling of Local Past in Buddhist Sites of Upper Myanmar (Talk will be in Burmese language)

အထက္ျမန္မာျပည္ ဘုရားျပဳျပင္ေရးတြင္ အရပ္ေဒသ သမိုင္း၊ နားလည္မႈႏွင့္ သမိုင္းပံုစံသစ္ ေဖာ္ထုတ္ျခင္း
Dr. Alexey Kirichenko (ျမင့္လြင္)
ေမာ္စကို အစိုးရတကၠသိုလ္၊ ႐ုရွား။
3 March 2015 (Tuesday)
5 – 7 pm
Pansodan Scene စာပေ လောက (၅) အပေါ် ထပ်
144, 2nd Floor, Pansodan Street, Kyauktada Township, Yangon, (corner of Maha Bandoola and Pansodan, entrance to stairwell opposite entrance to temple)


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