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Human Rights Tattoo
14 June 2016, 16:10
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Human rights. They are not won or lost — only respected or violated. If you are alive, you have human rights. The right to life is the foundation of them all. Human rights happen in the body and mind of individuals. So shouldn’t you have a piece of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights on your very skin? And make a statement about your relation to human rights?

Of course you should. But how? Human Rights Tattoo makes it easy for you. This community art project is tattooing the entire Universal Declaration of Human Rights, letter by letter, onto the bodies of 6773 people. Because, of course, that is the number of letters in the document.

This Friday and Saturday, 17-18 June 2016, the project brings 120 letters to Pansodan Scene. You have a chance to become one too. When you arrive, get a registration card. It will have your letter on it. One of four tattoo artists will ink it in the place of your choice, in one of their catalogue of fonts. A photograph of the tattoo, and a few of your thoughts will be included on the website.

Tattoos are not compulsory. You can come and enjoy it as a community art project and installation, or to egg on your friends.

10:00 – 18:00 at Pansodan Scene, ၁၁၄ ပန်းဆိုးတန်း ဒုတိယထပ် (ငါးဘာသာကျောင်းနှင်မျက်နှာချင်းဆိုင်)

144 Pansodan, second floor, across from the gate of the Ganesh Temple


One Myanmar launch at Pansodan Scene
8 June 2016, 14:29
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The launch of the One Myanmar: The Voices of Change documentary and One Myanmar : The Faces of the Burmese Transition / Les visages de la transition Birmanie book, by Carine Jaquet will take place at 19:00-21:00, 10 June 2016 at Pansodan Scene. All are welcome.

The book exploring the diversity of Myanmar at a moment of history change is in French and English, generously captioned, and features a variety of photographers. One Myanmar will be for sale at Pansodan Gallery from Saturday 11 June 2016.