Dining and Dancing at Pansodan Scene

An hour and a half of skilled performance and delicious food on the second floor of an 1880s building in the heart of Yangon’s heritage area. Sound good?

Thanakha Media are bringing food and dance to Pansodan Scene. Two dancers will perform a variety of dances, including three traditonal pieces, and two modern ones.

The tradition of pwe performance is very social. Pwe have been around for a very long time, as seen in old paintings and carvings. Audiences are very far from sitting in hushed awe at the dancers and musicians. The pwe audiences enjoy with gusto and familiarity, chatting, eating, and coming and going throughout the night. Here also, a country-style dinner will be served at the performance.

Pansodan Scene is an intimate venue in a heritage building. Beer and wine available in limited quantity.

Contact Ma Aye Aye Khaing (Burmese, English, or Thai) at 09 456 850 730 for more information. Dancers Ma Than Sin and Ko Yan Shin Maung.

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