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The ways people get here

Pansodan Gallery has been open for over three years now, and most of the people who have found us have done so through their friends, or through web searches — under their own steam, in other words. Here are some search terms from this morning:

Search terms which brought people to Pansuriya Art PostOne of our Than Myint Aung paintings ranks very high in generic image searches for paintings of nature.

Word of mouth has reached the ear of travel writers, and now we expect floods of tourists driving up prices, and our artists buying ever bigger canvases and using ever thicker paint with their new prosperity. But you, you knew us way back when. And you brought your friends. And we all had a great time with the artists.

P.S. Don’t believe it? Buy Lonely Planet here.

P.P.S. Read much, much more about Burmese art, from Andrew Ranard’s book.

P.P.P.S. I don’t even know what NPADC is, do you?

the last artscape of than myint aung

Once there as a man with a heart forged by a love of nature, beauty, and art.

In his life journey he poured his awe forth in paintings and poems.

This is his last artscape.

တစ်ခါတုန်းက သူ့နှလုံးသားကို သဘာဝတရား၊ အလှတရားနဲ့ အနုပညာတို့ကို ချစ်မြတ်နိုးခြင်းနဲ့ သွန်းလောင်းသွားတဲ့ လူတစ်ယောက် ရှိခဲ့ပါတယ်။
သူ့ရဲ့ ဘဝခရီးလမ်းတစ်လျှောက်မှာလည်း ပန်းချီကားတွေ၊ ကဗျာတွေကို အံ့ဘွယ် ပြန်လည်သွန်းလောင်းသွားခဲ့တယ်။
ဒါဟာ သူသွန်းလောင်းသွားခဲ့တဲ့ အနုပညာများရဲ့ နောက်ဆုံးပြပွဲပါပဲ။

Ko Than Myint Aung was our friend, and we were shocked at his early death in May this year. We have gathered as many of his paintings as we can to have a retrospective of his work, which is inspired by his awe for the beauty of nature, and shows his genial character. We open the exhibition with respect and sorrow from 14 to 19 July 2010.

To see many more of his works, and more information about him, see his page at the Heriot-Grant Gallery. For availability and pricing of the paintings you see here or to see more, email suriyagallery at gmail dot com