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sitt moe aung : a bit of a wait
5 November 2011, 06:06
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Sitt Moe Aung is among the key Myanmar New Realism artists of today. At first his pictures seem to be straightforward, and his style, is non-flashy. But he is able make you feel the weather, and feel enclosed, or free in a large space.

The big city’s crowded, claustrophobic and closed spaces, a town’s quiet streets, the open air between villages are well evoked. But the longer you look at them the more you see that there is liberty in the city too, and that the villagers are preoccupied, too.

In fifty years, these pictures will be fascinating for their ability to evoke the feeling of the early 21st century. Now they are a valued visual link for the exile, and a pleasure for those who see the streets more often.

Pansodan Gallery has been a supporter of his work for a year and a half, and it is our delight to finally be able to present his work to the public.

Insert Title Here : 10-15 Dec 2010

Never trapped in the moment. Continually changing and seeking. Continually challenging and redefining. Continually shifting and questioning. We all slip along time into the future, revising our conceptions and refining our perceptions.

This exhibition of contemporary art is an invition to re-interpretation. On display is a selection of paintings and multi-media works to explore — new aesthetics, emerging meanings, new generation — to bring you to diverse vantage points from which to re-evaluate your impressions.

Come to the exhibit and free your mind into the art as the artists have freed their inspiration. Some will reveal meanings, some will confound. You may choose to assign a title — but you may find yourself taking it away again, refining, questioning, seeking.

Featuring thirty artists working in a variety of media, on display from 10 – 15 December 2010, from 10 to 18:00 at Pansodan Gallery, No. 286 Pansodan Street, upper block, Yangon



The new exhibition starts today — a great variety of watercolours. Open until 28 February, from 10.00 to 18.00.

Pansodan Gallery itself has recently shown itself to be waterproof and smokeproof — it came through a fire in the building without damage to the many artworks displayed and stored on the premises. There was some damage to the rooms, but none to the art.

With thanks to the firefighters.