pansodan art gallery

Pansodan Art Gallery is a project of Aung Soe Min and Nance Cunningham. It opened in August 2008. Our website is under construction for the moment, but see this blog’s main page with news and features about Pansodan Gallery and Burmese art here.

If you want to see a lot more Burmese paintings, take a look at our very pretty blogspot page, full of illustrated quotes. Send us email at inkish or aungsoeminn (note the double n!) at

The artist featured on our banner to the right is Aung Htoo.  

Pansodan Gallery is featured in Exotissomo Travel’s Art Galleries of Yangon tour. We do not pay commissions to guides or agencies. We are open every day from 10-6. Every Tuesday evening we have a gathering, in which all sorts of people interested in the future of the country enjoy conversation and perhaps some beer until late.

Phone:  095 13 08 46

286 Pansodan, first floor (upper block)
Kyauktada, Yangon

Have a look inside: 

Kin Maung Yin exhibit, 2010

overview before renovation
overview before renovation
BETA Vision by CAP, first rooftop exhibition


  1. Hello,
    We enjoyed your gallery very much and bought the Maung Maung Thike painting “Nat Medium”. Could you please send some additional information on the painting and the artist Maung Maung Thike. Thank you very much for the efford you have to take.
    Best regards from Holland.
    R. Morsink

  2. Hello, we are travelling at the moment, but will send you some information soon. We don’t really have proper Internet access for another week, so expect something around then.

    with apologies for the delay

  3. May I have an email address for the gallery> Unable to find it.

    Thank you,
    Anubhav Nath

  4. Greetings from the Irish man who enjoyed several visits to your Gallery during May…let’s bring you art to Dublin!

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