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Join the next Let’s Speak Art on December 8 about the Art Market: with and without…

The next session of Pansodan Scene’s art talk series, Let’s Speak Art will be held on Monday 8 December, 2014 at Pansodan Scene, between 6.30 and 8 p.m. The topic for the third event will be The art market – with and without. We will see how the contemporary art market works, the advantages and the disadvantages if there are, and of course, see how the Myanmar art market connects to the international one. During the talk, there will also be a possibility to have access to the answers of the question ‘posted’ in the wishbox during the previous sessions. Just bring a pen to write yours down! Free entrance. Let’s Speak Art #3 | The art market – With and without Pansodan Scene 2 nd Floor, 144 Pansodan Street, Kyauktada, Yangon. The entrance to the staircase is in front of the temple’s entrance, almost on the corner of Pansodan and Mahabandoola streets.

LSA # 3 - The art market - With and without on Monday 8 December 2014

LSA # 3 – The art market – With and without on Monday 8 December 2014


1 December 2014, 15:08
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Pansodan Scene, the ‘sister space’ of Pansodan Gallery started a new series of events at the end of November named Docs & Talks. The second screening partners with the We Women Foundation.

Invitation for the screening on December 3, 2014

Invitation for the screening on December 3, 2014

Pansodan Scene started its screening event, Docs & Talks on November 26, 2014 sharing the pleasure to watch documentary and experimental films, to talk about them and to meet the people behind the films. The Docs & Talks series wishes to remain open to various fields within the documentary and experimental genre with an objective to help the films reach a larger audience and allow the exchange of ideas around the different topics raised by the screenings. It is not the first time that Pansodan Scene will host screenings nor talks with filmmakers: Pansodan Scene’s choice to start the Docs & Talks events is to provide the opportunity to watch thought-provoking creations on a regular basis.

Emerging Women of Burma

The Pansodan Docs & Talks has chosen to show for its second screening a film made by We Women, an organisation dedicated to empowering women from the marginalized communities of Burma by providing professional and educational opportunities. The foundation builds capacity so that women are enabled to make and influence policy decisions instead of outsiders.

Emerging Women of Burma is based on an important question raised by the foundation: ‘what are the benefits for Burma as a fragile society for women to enjoy intellectual and academic freedom?’. The film explores hence the development and achievements of a number of women in Myanmar of distinctly different backgrounds, ethnicities and achievements who have all been nominated by their communities or their colleagues as emerging leaders. These are women who have achieved against the odds, who have stood up for what they believe in regardless of the risks to themselves. The film is founded on a number of interviews with these women about those who inspired or motivated them and what they see in the future for Myanmar. The film follows them in their daily lives allowing a deeper insight of the challenges they face. As part of the struggle of Burmese women for example is the traditional stereotypical role in which the society places them. The film shows the viewer the daily life of these women within this traditional context.

The second Docs & Talks will be organized on Wednesday 3 December, 2014 at Pansodan Scene. The doors are open from 6 p.m., the entrance is free. The screening will be followed by a session of questions and answers. The film is about 60 minutes, in English.

About the We Women Foundation

The We Women Foundation came to life in December 2009, founded by Ursula Cats, a Dutch anthropologist and drama therapist. With her history as a human rights activist and deep passion for the people of Myanmar, it was a logical step for Ms Cats to commit herself to working with the most vulnerable individuals within the current situation in Myanmar and northern Thailand. Research that Ms Cats conducted for the completion of her Master’s degree at the VU University in Amsterdam was the direct cause for the founding of the WW organization. This research focused on the living conditions of women in the refugee communities in the Thai province of Chiang Mai; specifically Shan women. The results showed that women are highly motivated to fight for equal rights and for the empowerment of women, as well as for the entire Myanmar community. The women described education and opportunities to learn as important tools of empowerment and a future aspiration. The results of this study were the vehicle which resulted the We Women Foundation.

More about the organisation: