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brighton festival

A good article on the Burma-themed Brighton Festival was published in the Urban Times. The response to the Burmese contemporary art there was enthusiastic. One of the artists there is one of our favourites, Eikaza Cho.

“Before my brush touches the canvas, I don’t predetermine what I am going to paint.”

Ko Cho (Mr Cho), as he is known, has a particular use of colour, line and distortion which play out unpredictably in his exercise books and in paper work. Many of his works are fully abstract or feature recurrent motifs such as the owl, cat or figures from the spirit world such as the Lokanat, guardian spirit of the world.

About a dozen paintings are still in London. If you saw anything there that you are kicking yourself for not having bought, contact suriyagallery on gmail dot com.

Ben Mitchell designer, Zwe Yan Naing artist

See more of Ben Mitchell’s design and photography work on flickr and behance; see more of Zwe Yan Naing’s work here.

Ben Mitchell photographer, Eikaza Cho artist

See more about Eikaza Cho.

Soe Naing featured at Brighton

The World Art collection at Royal Pavilion & Museums, Brighton & Hove, which has some paintings by Soe Naing, featured his paintings on their blog recently. Click on the link above to go to their slideshow and entry by Sarah Cook:

”Soe Naing’s use of vivid colours and visible brushstrokes invest his paintings with a real sense of energy and spontaneity. Amongst these brightly-coloured brushstrokes he also creates inky, black, calligraphic marks which give the impression of facial features, claws, ears, talons and tongues. Along with colour you can see that the expressive quality of line is important to Soe Naing. Every brushstroke is applied with a sense of urgency”

Read a little more about Soe Naing here and at his page on Yadanapura. Paintings by Soe Naing are available from Sa Sa Bassac in Phnom Penh, from Callie Enlow in the US (and on-line), in London (contact us), and in wonderful quantities in Yangon, at Pansodan Gallery.