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Youth of Yangon, Yangon Skateboarders

Pansodan Gallery has been bursting at the seams for some time. We are going to add a new room — a block and a half down Pansodan, toward the river, on the east side of the street (just like Pansodan Original).

The first exhibition in that space opens to the public today.  There are photographic portraits by Henry Kingsford, plus a documentary short directed by James Holman, screening at seven thirty each evening. A new view of the city we love.

The aim of this event is to shine a light on the Burmese skateboarding community, highlighting how despite not being supported by anyone the Burmese skateboarders continue to try and skate together and be a creative community in Yangon. This overcoming of adversity is ever more poignant with the demolition of Thuwanna skate last year (which had been the centre and place of refuge for the skaters for the last 15 years) and more recently the complete abandonment of the City Center skatepark by the current manager of the shopping mall next to the the skatepark, and who—until recently—was responsible for both the mall and the skatepark.

We do not have a sign up yet at the new place, but you can find it by looking. It is at N° 144, on the second floor, up the staircase nearest Maha Bandoola. Look for the large poster competing with many smaller ones. The venue opens at five in the evening; “Youth of Yangon” documentary screening daily at half past seven. Closing at eight. The site is Pansodan Street, middle block, up the staircase nearest Maha Bandoola. It is on the second floor. 

skateboard lorez

We will be renovating the space soon, but for now it is pretty much as it was in 1969, just a little worn but full of possibility.