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Open History Project: exploring local memory through the lens
4 July 2016, 10:41
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The Open History Project creates experiences of local history through the photographs, memories, stories, documents, and ephemera such as flyers, tickets, maps. Together we can look through the layers of unhidden history and discover connections, insights, new questions. In this way, people participate in their own history by revealing their part in society. Its first exhibition is 4 July 2016 16:00-19:00 at Pansodan Scene.

Pansodan Scene is at Pansodan Scene, ၁၁၄ ပန်းဆိုးတန်း ဒုတိယထပ် (ငါးဘာသာကျောင်းနှင်မျက်နှာချင်းဆိုင်) 144 Pansodan, second floor, across from the gate of the Ganesh Temple
Alaungpaya RGN

Our Kyauktada exhibition is the introduction to this Open History Project. It takes one small area in the heart of Yangon and traces the passage of time on its streets; from the events, architecture and commerce of daily life in its public spaces, to more personal reflections of changing hopes and dreams through fashions and family life.     

Experiencing history openly and without fear is an important way for people to understand the past, and provide an insight into the future.  

Myanmar’s people had little opportunity to dwell on their own history for many years. While stories have been handed down from generation to generation, propaganda clouded the picture of the past and public memory was forced into hiding.

Change can sometimes move so subtly that you can only see it from a great distance. At other times a flash of transformation can leave the landscape utterly altered overnight.

We hope to show these patterns developing through contemporary photographs and artifacts to give people a richer understanding of their own heritage.

Current and former residents and visitors to Kyauktada are the most important element in

this effort and we hope that your memories, photographs and documents can help us paint a vibrant picture of the history of this area.

This is the first of many such exhibitions that pay tribute to public memory and local history, and call on everyone to participate in the preservation efforts. We plan to organise a bigger exhibition on Kyauktada Watsonsat multiple galleries later in the year.