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brighton festival

A good article on the Burma-themed Brighton Festival was published in the Urban Times. The response to the Burmese contemporary art there was enthusiastic. One of the artists there is one of our favourites, Eikaza Cho.

“Before my brush touches the canvas, I don’t predetermine what I am going to paint.”

Ko Cho (Mr Cho), as he is known, has a particular use of colour, line and distortion which play out unpredictably in his exercise books and in paper work. Many of his works are fully abstract or feature recurrent motifs such as the owl, cat or figures from the spirit world such as the Lokanat, guardian spirit of the world.

About a dozen paintings are still in London. If you saw anything there that you are kicking yourself for not having bought, contact suriyagallery on gmail dot com.

Ben Mitchell designer, Zwe Yan Naing artist

See more of Ben Mitchell’s design and photography work on flickr and behance; see more of Zwe Yan Naing’s work here.

Ben Mitchell photographer, Eikaza Cho artist

See more about Eikaza Cho.


eikaza cho : boundless lines
10 March 2011, 02:08
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Sunday, 20 March 2011 is the last day this exhibition of Eikaza Cho’s work. In addition to his paintings, his notebooks will be on display for the first time. Ko Cho’s playful lines, varied subjects — how many artists paint a colourful fly? — and lively compositions are all evident in his notebooks. Come in from 10 to 6  for a peek at the works we love and a sampling of his new series.