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One Myanmar launch at Pansodan Scene
8 June 2016, 14:29
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The launch of the One Myanmar: The Voices of Change documentary and One Myanmar : The Faces of the Burmese Transition / Les visages de la transition Birmanie book, by Carine Jaquet will take place at 19:00-21:00, 10 June 2016 at Pansodan Scene. All are welcome.

The book exploring the diversity of Myanmar at a moment of history change is in French and English, generously captioned, and features a variety of photographers. One Myanmar will be for sale at Pansodan Gallery from Saturday 11 June 2016.



Kachin Children’s Paintings, at Pansodan Scene
20 May 2016, 12:59
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2016 Airavati Kachin2

Airavati has been working with Kachin chidren who have been displaced by the armed conflict for five years. The organisation has collected over 7000 paintings by the children in camps near the Kachin–Chinese border. Over 150 of these paintings will be exhibited from 21 – 29 May 2016 at Pansodan Scene.

The opening ceremony with light refreshments and a few words by  will be at Pansodan Scene at 3:00pm, all are welcome to attend.

2016 Airavati Kachin1

Kachin Airavati exhibition 2016

Pansodan Scene, ၁၁၄ ပန်းဆိုးတန်း ဒုတိယထပ် (ငါးဘာသာကျောင်းနှင်မျက်နှာချင်းဆိုင်)
144 Pansodan, second floor, stairway entrance across from the gate of the Ganesh Temple; above the Sa Pe Nandaw Bookshop.

Thingyan 2016
14 April 2016, 20:28
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We have decided to be open by appointment only for Thingyan this year. We will be nearby, though, so can even get you close to some art on short notice, just call Ko Aung at 095 13 08 46. Meanwhile, I am enjoying my time messing with my inks and papers. Thanks to everyone who has been so kind as to bring me some special paper or ink over the years. They make me very happy.

Carte Blanche
11 April 2016, 13:17
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Pansodan Gallery has a new product out. Blank books that are good for drafting and writing, doodling and drawing. They are on sale for $1 or 1500ks a piece. The pages are of high quality Japanese paper. The covers come in a variety of Burmese reference material.arttonic promotion social media

Zwe Yan Naing
30 March 2016, 13:04
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Pansodan Scene is proud to be hosting Zwe Yan Naing’s fourth solo exhibition.

For those of you that don’t know him, ZYN is a promising art talent. He has become very well known and favoured among  curators, collectors and the art-buying public locally and abroad.

“A Moment Suspended In Time” is the title of his solo.

Come by between 10 am to 6 pm from April 2nd to April 6th 2016.

Pansodan Scene also serves quality coffee and fruit juice.

Psychology at Pansodan Scene
29 March 2016, 20:26
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Zwe Yan Naing Face change.jpg

Zwe Yan Naing, 2016

Su Su Maung is a practicing psychologist with an interest in trauma. She has some ideas about the tendency for hero-worship and then for a backlash and condemnation in Burmese culture. She finds the root of these in trauma. She will talk about about healthy and unhealthy reactions in a talk called: Splitting in Myanmar’s Psyche: Intergenerational and Collective Trauma.

The talk will be Sunday, 3 April 2016, at 2:00 at Pansodan Scene (second floor) 144 Pansodan, corner of Pansodan and Maha Bandoola. ၁၁၄ ပန်းဆိုးတန်း ဒုတိယထပ် (ငါးဘာသာကျောင်းနှင့် မျက်နှာချင်းဆိုင်) across from the gate of the Ganesh Temple. There is nothing on the ground floor, a bookshop on the first floor, and we are on the second floor.

Zwe Yan Naing schoolgirl.jpgSu Su Maung will be happy to answer questions and discuss further after the presentation. The talk will be in English; discussion can be in Burmese or English.

You can find more of her work HERE.

At Pansodan Scene you can get espresso drinks and natural sodas, daily 10-6 as well as the day of the talk.

Yangon, Old Days and New
26 November 2015, 12:28
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A photography exhibition by Catherine Griss, at Pansodan Scene from Saturday 28 November 2015 to Sunday 6 December 2015.

Griss Old RailwayCatherine Griss is a sensitive street photographer who lives and works in Paris.

After photographing the ruins of french colonial power in Cambodia (devastated villas in Kampot, Kep )and Senegal, she decided to come to Burma and mainly Yangon because of its British colonial style heritage and because of this special time of emerging democracy in a world of increasing globalisation.

After great travellers like Rudyard Kipling, Pierre Loti, Pablo Neruda, she first visited the country as a traveller in 1997. But she returned in 2011 and then again in 2012 with the intention of photographing and framing the transition. She is currently in her third photographic visit.

The theme of this exhibition is the old world’s presence in the beginning of a new world. There are three main chapters. The first is the Evolution of Yangon, the walls of old and new buildings, river banks and lifestyles.

the golden pagodas

the golden pagodas

In The Golden Pagodas (from the French Writer Pierre Loti novel), rather than the architecture, she focused on the people who visited the pagodas, taking time out to find peace in the golden halls of Shwedagon.

The Readers documents the Myanmar people’s love for reading, walking through downtown, she noticed many people catching up with news or getting lost in a book. This culture seems to be vanishing with the advent of mobile phones.