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Dining and Dancing at Pansodan Scene
15 September 2017, 17:25
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An hour and a half of skilled performance and delicious food on the second floor of an 1880s building in the heart of Yangon’s heritage area. Sound good?

Thanakha Media are bringing food and dance to Pansodan Scene. Two dancers will perform a variety of dances, including three traditonal pieces, and two modern ones.

The tradition of pwe performance is very social. Pwe have been around for a very long time, as seen in old paintings and carvings. Audiences are very far from sitting in hushed awe at the dancers and musicians. The pwe audiences enjoy with gusto and familiarity, chatting, eating, and coming and going throughout the night. Here also, a country-style dinner will be served at the performance.

Pansodan Scene is an intimate venue in a heritage building. Beer and wine available in limited quantity.

Contact Ma Aye Aye Khaing (Burmese, English, or Thai) at 09 456 850 730 for more information. Dancers Ma Than Sin and Ko Yan Shin Maung.


Body Imaging at Pansuriya
20 July 2017, 18:13
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Abby Robinson lives in NYC and teaches at the School of Visual Arts (NYC) in both the BFA Photography & Video and Graphic Design & Advertising Departments. Once upon a time she worked for a detective and, slippery, mysterious stuff continues to inform her photographs.

Robinson, who likes to stare and to travel, has had many of her projects have been done with the help of grants from the Asian Cultural Council, the Fulbright Program, the American Institute of Sri Lankan Studies, the Siskind Foundation, the Art Production Fund, and New York Foundation of the Arts. There have been shows in the US and abroad and she’s been fortunate to have also had a number of terrific residencies: Yaddo, MacDowell, VCCA, Light Works, Altos de Chavon (Dominican Republic), Three Shadows (Beijing) and New Zero Art Space (Yangon). Her photos are in the collections of The Whitney Museum (NYC), the Museum of Fine Arts (Houston, TX), the Portland Art Museum (Portland, OR), and Light Works (Syracuse, NY).

Abby Robinson’s first body imaging project started in 2009 at a home-based installation in Manhattan, then travelled in 2010 to Shanghai, was seen again in 2012 in New York, turned up in 2013 in Las Vegas, came back in 2014 to Brooklyn and visited Budapest, Hungary in 2016. 2017 is for Yangon!

• From 20th of July to 2nd of August
• Weekdays : 12 pm – 2 pm & 6:30pm – 9pm
• Weekends : 11 am – 2 pm & 4 pm – 8 pm

• Have a seat in the waiting room
• Fill out a questionnaire
• Consult in the office about the body part you want to be photographed
• Step into the studio for a quick photo shoot

Diagnosis :
• Receive a free VIP Badge with your photograph

Pansuriya is at 102 Bogalay Zay Street, between the Secretariat and the river.


Persian Poetry : Pansodan Scene
13 September 2014, 19:40
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Come and join Central Asia enthusiasts for an afternoon tea at Pansodan Scene this Sunday 3pm. Poems by Greg and Jamoluddin and songs by Mari.

Poetry readings (in Persian with English translation) will introduce you to Persian poet Rudaki (born 989) – a founder of Persian classical literature, Omar Khayyam (born in 1048) – a Persian astronomer and mathematician, and Ibn Sina (born in 980). Ibn Sina is otherwise known as Avicenna, author of many works, including a canonical medical encyclopedia that remained such in Europe and Islamic world until 17 century.

Songs are to be a surprise.

Persian Poetry

Pansodan Embassy in Georgia!
27 August 2014, 15:09
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The One Caucasus Festival takes place these days, end of August 2014, far from Yangon. However, some of the inclusive, encouraging, creative spirit of Pansodan will be there.  This international festival will create an inspirational space for meetings of young people from nearby Armenia, Azerbaijan, and Georgia, but including artists from as far as Senegal, Jamaica, and Myanmar. The grass-roots project was started by culture activists and artists. Pansodan Gallery will be present as well, creating a special Myanmar atmosphere with cheroots, delicious tea, art and music. More on the project:,  

Open Music Festival – Launched on August 22, 2014
27 August 2014, 15:01
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On Friday August 22nd 2014 the first edition of the Open Music Festival was organized at Pansodan Scene! The Open Music Festival, a new project of Pansodan, will publicize and support the talent and creativity of musicians, dancers, and other performers, encouraging them to step aside from copied music and show their own creativity. Until recently there have been few places for musicians to present their creations. The Open Music Festival is a TV programme for new and serious musicians, to fill the gap in opportunities to let a wider public hear their music. It creates a space for different trends, cultures, and a spot for international and local musicians to be in contact and share ideas. The Open Music Festival is for all in the music field. It will be broadcast over the whole country on the Democratic Voice of Burma. It will showcase musicians from small towns as well as the big cities. There is no discrimination on lines of traditional versus modern, west versus east, local versus international, ethnic minority versus majority, single performer versus group. Old generation, new generation, any form of music is welcome. We also invite music producers, critics, and scholars who wish to make presentations on different musical forms to bring their sensibilities to the Open Music Festival. Check out DVB`s TV programme for more!

Exchange Ideas, Exchange Peace
5 January 2014, 18:43
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by Jessica Olney


The Peace Exchange Peace Builders (left to right): Jessica Disu, Marquetta Monroe, Tanya Smith, Dennis Johnson and Timothy McBride

Gun and gang-related violence plagues Chicago and many other U.S. cities. But some young people of those cities are taking steps against it. Some of these are Chicago-based performers who are currently visiting Myanmar as participants in The Peace Exchange. On 8 January they will perform alongside their local counterparts at Pansodan Scene. The evening will feature hip hop, slam poetry, spoken word and music from local Myanmar indie bands. The performance at Pansodan Scene will be held on the last night of the two-week Peace Exchange.


လူ႕ေဘာင္အဖြဲ႔ အစည္း အၾကမ္းဖက္ မူမရွိေစလိုေသာ ကမာၻေျမၾကီးကို ၿငိမ္းခ်မ္းေစလိုေသာ Chicago မွာလူူငယ္မ်ားႏွင့္ ျမန္မာႏိုင္ငံ ရွိ ရွမ္းျပည္ေအာင္ပန္း ႏွင့္ ခ်င္း ကခ်င္ ႏွင့္ အနယ္နယ္အရပ္ရပ္ မွ ရန္ကုန္ၿမိဳ႔တြင္ေရာက္ရွိ ေနေသာ လူငယ္မ်ားရဲ႔ အႏုပညာႏွင့္ ၿငိမ္းခ်မ္းျခင္း ဂီတ ဖလွယ္ပြဲျပဳ ကို လုပ္မည္ျဖစ္ပါသည္..(၈) ရက္ ဇန္န၀ါရီလ ည ၆ နာ၇ီမွ ၉ နာရီထိ လူငယ္မ်ား၏ ပူးေပါင္းဖန္တီး သီဆို ကျပ မည္ျဖစ္ပါသျဖင့္ မၾကည္႔လိုက္ရသည္ မျဖစ္ရေအာင္ လက္တို႔ ေျပာလိုက္ပါမယ္.

The Peace Exchange exposes young peace activists from the most violence-affected areas of Chicago to global perspectives on peace and conflict, and their thoughts and adventures can be followed here.

The Peace Builders, as the participants are known, are youth leaders working for peace in their communities through art, music, advocacy and education. One of the Peace Exchange co-founders, Jessica Disu, is a hip hop recording artist who has performed internationally to promote hip hop as a medium of peace, and encourages youth to examine hip hop’s language of violence. ‘The idea is that we equip youth peace leaders or young adult leaders of Chicago with the necessary tools and wisdom to become effective peace builders in their community,’ Disu said.

Dennis Johnson, Marquetta Monroe, Eddie Merma, Tanya Smith, Henry Cervantes, Jessica Disu of Chicago Peace Exchange

Dennis Johnson, Marquetta Monroe, Eddie Merma, Tanya Smith, Henry Cervantes, Jessica Disu

While in Myanmar, The Peace Exchange will meet with local peace workers, interfaith leaders, educators, members of the monastic community, artists, musicians and others addressing issues of conflict, peace and violence. They will be followed by two filmmakers from Free Spirit Media, a Chicago-based youth media collective. Free Spirit Media will make a short documentary conveying the learning process. This will be screened for thousands of community members to stimulate conversation in an attempt to seek alternative approaches to reducing gun and gang-related violence. At the documentary screenings, discussions will be held to address questions such as: Why does the amount of street violence vary so much in different cultures? How does violence play out differently in different cultures? What lessons on peace do Asian traditions have to contribute to the peace building process in the U.S.? Are Americans more violent than Myanmar people?

Peace Exchange co-founder Jessica Olney is an educator who has been working with Myanmar youth and activists for several years. She helped create The Peace Exchange to explore the fact that, although poverty and social exclusion are high in many parts of the world, levels of street violence vary dramatically. The Peace Exchange will look at the cultural elements that contribute to building peaceful communities, as well as the different manifestations of violence that occur in different places. Read more about them here.

ပန်းဆိုးတန်းတော်၊ ၁၁၄ ပန်းဆိုးတန်း ဒုတိယထပ် (ငါးဘာသာကျောင်းနှင်မျက်နှာချင်းဆိုင်)

Pansodan Scene, 144 Pansodan, second floor, corner of Maha Bandoola, across from the Ganesh Temple. Performance runs from 6:00–9:00 pm.