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Persian Poetry : Pansodan Scene
13 September 2014, 19:40
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Come and join Central Asia enthusiasts for an afternoon tea at Pansodan Scene this Sunday 3pm. Poems by Greg and Jamoluddin and songs by Mari.

Poetry readings (in Persian with English translation) will introduce you to Persian poet Rudaki (born 989) – a founder of Persian classical literature, Omar Khayyam (born in 1048) – a Persian astronomer and mathematician, and Ibn Sina (born in 980). Ibn Sina is otherwise known as Avicenna, author of many works, including a canonical medical encyclopedia that remained such in Europe and Islamic world until 17 century.

Songs are to be a surprise.

Persian Poetry


Pansodan Embassy in Georgia!
27 August 2014, 15:09
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The One Caucasus Festival takes place these days, end of August 2014, far from Yangon. However, some of the inclusive, encouraging, creative spirit of Pansodan will be there.  This international festival will create an inspirational space for meetings of young people from nearby Armenia, Azerbaijan, and Georgia, but including artists from as far as Senegal, Jamaica, and Myanmar. The grass-roots project was started by culture activists and artists. Pansodan Gallery will be present as well, creating a special Myanmar atmosphere with cheroots, delicious tea, art and music. More on the project:,  

Open Music Festival – Launched on August 22, 2014
27 August 2014, 15:01
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On Friday August 22nd 2014 the first edition of the Open Music Festival was organized at Pansodan Scene! The Open Music Festival, a new project of Pansodan, will publicize and support the talent and creativity of musicians, dancers, and other performers, encouraging them to step aside from copied music and show their own creativity. Until recently there have been few places for musicians to present their creations. The Open Music Festival is a TV programme for new and serious musicians, to fill the gap in opportunities to let a wider public hear their music. It creates a space for different trends, cultures, and a spot for international and local musicians to be in contact and share ideas. The Open Music Festival is for all in the music field. It will be broadcast over the whole country on the Democratic Voice of Burma. It will showcase musicians from small towns as well as the big cities. There is no discrimination on lines of traditional versus modern, west versus east, local versus international, ethnic minority versus majority, single performer versus group. Old generation, new generation, any form of music is welcome. We also invite music producers, critics, and scholars who wish to make presentations on different musical forms to bring their sensibilities to the Open Music Festival. Check out DVB`s TV programme for more!