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Pansuriya Suggests: Tun Win Nyein and Myo Nyunt Khin
30 January 2015, 16:18
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Pansuriya Art Consultancy is a specialist service provider for art rentals and art investment. It issues for each Pansodan Art Post regular updates on new arrivals to Pansodan Gallery, outlining the original aspects of some works! Of course you are welcome to check out all the other new works every day at Pansodan Gallery from 10 a.m. to 6 p.m., or if you wish to sit down and enjoy art next to a coffee, ginger soda or mango smoothie, the right venue is Pansodan Scene with the same opening! Feel free to contact Pansuriya Art Consultancy (, if you need advice on collecting or wish to rent works to change the whole aspect of your office, home or restaurant!

Tun Win Nyein`s work (detail)

Tun Win Nyein`s work (detail)

This month Pansuriya highlights two fresh works from Tun Win Nyein and Myo Nyunt Khin. Both paintings are quite specific regarding their topics. Tun Win Nyein chose to depict in a puritain way the portrait of one of General Aung San`s teachers. The unusual technique, with a background holding a green that will certainly remind the spectator of the very typical walls of Yangon-buildings, combines virtuose, hard-edged brushstokes with collage technique embedding different documents in the work. Meanwhile, Myo Nyunt Khin`s painting resembles to an optical game depicting numerous black and white owls. The yellowish Shan drum in the foreground, combined with the infinite number of eyes has quite a hypnotic impact on the viewer! Be the one who dares entering the lucky world of the owls!

Myo Nyunt Khin`s work with the hypnotic owls

Myo Nyunt Khin`s work with the hypnotic owls


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