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In Memoriam Eain Aye Kyaw (1981-2014)
25 November 2014, 00:38
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One of the last paintings of Eain Aye Kyaw

One of the last paintings of Eain Aye Kyaw

‘Eain Aye Kyaw does not paint by theory. He paints freely as he desires, influenced by the tempest of his emotions, not thinking of how his work might be analysed,’ states the long cover story article published in one of the Pansodan Journals of October 2013, a little more than a year ago.
‘When I come across pieces made by my favourite artists, I look at them until I get my fill. I like them so much. If I am painting something, I stay away from other people’s pictures; I am afraid of my own style disappearing’, said Eain Aye Kyaw at that time. The young artist who graduated at the beginning of the millennium from the State School of Fine Art had his first solo show at Lokanat Galleries in 2005.
Eain Aye Kyaw joined Pansodan’s Team in 2009, his second solo exhibition was held at there in 2011. ‘He came to the Gallery to show his works to me. I recognized his talent at first sight, his use of intensive colours to shade and nuance his compositions created a fascinating contrast,’ remembers Aung Soe Min, owner of Pansodan Gallery.
Eain Aye Kyaw passed away at the age of 33, suddenly, unexpectedly on November 12, 2014. The attention around his work was strongly growing these days, he was looking ahead a promising future. As a painter, the works he left behind, his enchanting colour and shape palette will help us remember his talent, and through them, visualize the unusual artist he was.


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