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Short Story – Kaung Htet
27 August 2014, 15:46
Filed under: art and ideas

kaunghtet_small`Art is subjective`, we usually say, and mean by that everyone is free to like or not an artwork, it doesn`t change its `objective value`. Still, one would also say that certain artworks may seem stronger, deeper and more striking than others; rarely, but it can happen, that many would agree about that for the same painting, although these opinions are mainly `subjective` ones. It is though difficult to define exactly why this or that particular piece is so outstanding: you don`t have to, but it can surely help understand better the work. Art needs time: spending a few minutes to look at it enables to `merge` in its surface…

Kaung Htet`s Colourscape is well reflecting the characteristic visual world of the painter`s recent works. Let it be watercolour or acrylic on canvas, one would usually recognize his diluted background playing nearly in all colours of the rainbow. And then comes the `tricky` part: it`s not always easy to differentiate the background from the foreground, as if usually they would become one entity throwing behind all the laws of perspective. But here is this sort of tension that emanates from the dynamic surface… Maybe it`s due to the strange contrast between the large, expressive brushstrokes, the `melting` stripes and the compact geometrical forms that discretely appear throughout the picture like small magic creatures. Interestingly, the whirling abstract forms, backed by the static layer of the black patterns are in disparity with the `emptiness` weighing on the right side of the picture. And look at that: could it be a tiny human figure sitting there? What is he (she?) staring at? The thin lines growing out behind the little human shape will reach up high to merge in the cloud of gestures. Slowly, the forest of forms becomes alive and soon seems to threaten our `hero`. However, the plain simplicity of that light blur turns the pulsating environment secure, soft and warm. Perhaps the blue bird in the upper left corner came with news of freedom, peace and happiness?

(Kaung Htet – Colourscape, acrylic on canvas, 24×24 inches)



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