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Favourite pick – Htoo Aung Kyaw
27 August 2014, 15:36
Filed under: art and ideas

Htoo-Aung-Kyaw_No matter what the `Big Book` says, everyone has a (secret) `favourite pick` amongst other works. Sheryl Foo (21, Singapore), intern during June-July at Pansodan Gallery chose hers:

`This particular painting by Htoo Aung Kyaw is a beautiful, ephemeral piece that is at once powerful and delicate. What draws me to this painting is the strong, bold grid lines that divide the painting. Although these black and thick lines may segment the composition, the light blue swirls that cross these boundaries create a very strong tension between division and wholeness. The painting is also peppered with blocks of red and yellow squares, which add a warm atmosphere to the painting. The vermillion red Buddhist mural at the corner of the painting draws the eye immediately. Despite the chaos of contrasting bleeding blue swirls and the black dividing lines, this small mural on the right bottom corner anchors the painting, perhaps alluding to Buddhism as an anchor in today’s modern, chaotic world. The mural is an image of one of the many murals in Bagan’s pagodas. The contrast between the modern black lines and the historic religious mural is striking and seemingly divisive, yet the whole image works together to portray the conflict of humanity in the modern lifestyle. There is also a transient image of an Ogre from traditional Buddhist folklore, not outlined clearly, but rather nestled in the swirls of blue paint, which transcend the organized black grid. This perhaps alludes to the constant presence of evil in our daily lives, and perhaps is a reminder for us to be aware and conscious, and to practice mindful living. This is a painting that transcends reality’s entrapment of the embodiment of oil and canvas. The layers of contemplation in this painting are vast, you could get lost in it!`


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