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BETA version — CAPism
28 November 2011, 03:35
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The next exhibition, of Capist art, will start on the roof. Come all the way up the stairs on 10 December starting from 16:00, for the usual delicious food, and music by Side Effect. That night the paintings move back downstairs, and will be on display until 17 December at 18:00.

Cap says about these paintings:

With trivial manipulations I want to challenge understandings, presumptions and aspirations. By deconstructing everyday images, re-defining the information and reconstructing it back to its original form, perceptions begin conflicting and semiotic distortions transmit reverberations of the society we have come to know.

The result is an illustrated debate; it is about realizing dreams and accomplishing the impossible, open source in a reachable distance. It is about struggle, coexistence and being painfully average – perpetual BETA versions.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

You can sample some music of Side Effect at their indiegogo page, where they are currently raising money for various exciting uses.



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