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coffee sundays at pansodan

Sundays at Pansodan we fire up the espresso machine and make coffee from beans grown in Shan State. We just started, but it seems like a good idea, so let’s try it again. This time, we have a Sunday-only exhibit of works by Thein Thein.

Thein Thein paints a kaleidoscopic window into small town life, infusing mundane rural landscapes with prismatic treetops and dazzling skies. Treetops tower over quilt-like hodge-podges of homes, cut through with bustling roads and rivers. Soft pinks, purples, and oranges, bright greens and yellows inject the tranquil scenes of day-to-day life with a buzzing vitality.

Indeed, these roads and rivers are veins – a glimpse into rural Myanmar in motion.  Man-made and natural twine; these time-worn paths deftly tie together the artist’s collage of both the visible world of umbrellas, pagodas, and power lines as well as the intangible world of commerce, piety, and dreams.

Known for his watercolors and illustrations, Thein Thein draws inspiration in his birthplace of Pyay, where he makes his life as an artist. He deftly blends reality and fantasy into the colour-soaked canvas iterations of his hometown, effortlessly inhabiting the space between traditional village landscapes and modern abstraction.

By Zach Hyman


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