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poetry at pansodan — soon
5 March 2011, 00:49
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At two in the afternoon of Sunday 6 March poets will gather at Panosdan Gallery to read to poetry lovers — that could be you. Most poets will read their own work on one or two languages (all will be presented in Burmese and English).

Among the poems read will be ones by Padetha Raza and Seinda Kyawthu U Aw. These will not be read by the poets, who are long dead, but their poems live on and have been beautifully translated in a collaboration between Sayagyi and the well-known poetry translator, Keith Bosley. A rare chance to get a sense of personal life in the Nyaung Yan and early Konbaung periods (1700s).

If you want to read up on it this afternoon, I suggest you download this Introduction to Myanmar Poetry by Dragan Janeković. It starts off in Serbian, but skip to page 18 for English, and find plenty of poems in English, Burmese and of course Serbian in the second half.

286 Pansodan, first floor (upper block), Kyauktada, Yangon. Mobile: 0951 30846

For a quick view of upcoming events at Pansodan, you can cast a glance on our facebook page.

ကန်တော်မင်းကျောင်းဆရာတော် (၁၄၃၈-၁၅၁၃)

ကျောင်းတော်ခရီး၊ လမ်းမကြီး၌၊

ပင်ထီးပညောင်၊ မြစ်တစ်ထောင်နှင့်၊

မြားမြောင်ခက်လက်၊ ရွက်လည်းစိပ်စိပ်၊

စေ့စေ့သိပ်လျက်၊ ရိပ်လည်းမြိုင်မြိုင်၊

လေမနိုင်လျှင်၊ ပွင့်ခိုင်သီးမှည့်၊

အပြည့်ကျေး ငှက်၊ စားလျက်သောင်းသဲ
A Big Banyan Tree
Excerpt from “Lokathara Pyo”

A prominent solitary banyan tree
Grows near the road.
With its thousand roots
And its multitude of branches,  Its leaves thickly set
Gives abundant shade
The wind cannot overcome it.
Its branches
Bend with young and ripe fruit
Birds come twittering to eat.

Translation by Dragan Janeković


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