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parabaik : the books, the font

Thanks to everyone who showed up despite the pouring rain for the reading.

I have made a new font for the Journal of Burma Studies cover redesign, after looking at parabaik (folding paper manuscripts); Sample Avaparabaiq font in usebelow are a few links to some parabaiks with particularly good script or design. You can download the font by clicking here It is easy to type if you know the Avalaser or NIU font layouts Look for some variations on the characters on the J, K, x, X, option-e, and | keys. If you use it somewhere, be so kind as to let me know in the comments or by emailing gallery at pansodan dot com. 

Here are some links to parabaik images, for research or pure appreciation.

kammava in square script (Northern Illinois University collection parabaik about cats)

Amazing tattoo manual with very beautiful handwriting, NIU collection (NIU palm leaf manuscript) (British Library tattoo manual, see image below) (at the Victoria and Albert Museum)


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For those of you who ended up here while looking for Unicode fonts and keyboards, you can find more here:
An explanation of Unicode:

More information on specific fonts, including weaknesses of each one and links to download Unicode fonts here:

Simple input methods, some explanations and downloads here:

BseAva simple input method for Windows, based on the sound of the characters (က = k):

AvaUni simple input method for Mac, based on the sound of characters (က = k):

MKhaing simple input method for Windows, based on the Burmese typewriter layout (က = u):

MyanResearcher simple input method for Mac, based on the Burmese typewriter layout (က = u):

Comment by pansuriya

Your font looks really nice, but the download link does not work anymore. If you have the time please reupload it 🙂

Thank you,

Comment by desisn

I have updated the link for the AvaParabaiq font, but unfortunately I do not have the layout on this computer, so could not repair that link. I will try to do that soon, but the layout is roughly phonetic when using a UK keyboard.

Comment by pansuriya

Thank you for making available such a beautiful font! I used it here after struggling for a long time with line heights.

Comment by Aung Khin

Glad you liked it. I made it with very close line spacing so that in a larger text, the letters would intertwine between the lines. But it is not so easy to read, for sure.

Comment by pansuriya

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