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Art and Ideas: That what shall not be named
8 February 2009, 20:41
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Last night’s Art and Ideas night was much enjoyed by all thanks to Amporn’s efforts. I have recorded the talk and will check the sound quality. I will try to edit out the tour busses, and eventually will post it on this site.

The next evening (this Friday, 13 February, 6pm) will be a different style — the presenter is a history teacher who was working in Pakistan during the Danish cartoons matter; now he is in Yangon. He will talk about:


A history teacher who has taught at high schools in both Pakistan and Burma, will lead a discussion around the subject of personal and political freedom in each of these countries.

The discussion will be introduced through Robert’s personal observations and experiences, through photographs taken in both countries, and through through his understanding of the history of each of these fairly new countries. Among the topics considered will be politics, religion, and gender.

··  ·  <>   ·  ··

I hope the discussion will broaden out to what cannot be named in certain societies or in our own countries, and what the effect of that is on a larger level.

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