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Pansodan starts its Docs & Talks event – join the first one on November 26!
21 November 2014, 13:29
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Invitation for Docs & Talks

Invitation for Docs & Talks


Pansodan Scene, the sister space of Pansodan Gallery, starts a new series of events at the end of November: Docs & Talks.

Docs & Talks

One month after the launch of the regular art talk Let’s Speak Art, Pansodan Scene starts its screening event, Docs & Talks, sharing the pleasure of watching documentary and experimental films, and talking about it: the filmgoers do not just enjoy discovering the work of dedicated filmmakers on current issues, but the possibility is also provided to meet the people behind the film and ask them about their work.

The Docs & Talks series will be open to various fields within the documentary and experimental genre with an objective to help the films reach a larger audience and allow the exchange of ideas around the different topics raised by the screenings.

Dreams of Dutiful Daughters

The Pansodan Docs & Talks will debut on 26 November with a documentary film never screened before in public in Myanmar. Dreams of Dutiful Daughters, a film by Dr. Daw Khin Mar Mar Kyi. She shot the footage around the Thai/Myanmar border while carrying out her PhD research. The film is about the experience of Burmese women who, desperate to survive and support their families, cross the border to find work in Thailand where they are vulnerable to exploitation and violence because of their illegal status. Workers from Myanmar are a majority of the millions of foreign workers in Thailand. They are also the least likely to hold work permits. Of these, only very few are allocated to women. The film is about seeing how they handle their circumstances with grace, courage, humour and a positive spirit.

The first Docs & Talks will be on Wednesday 26 November 2014 at Pansodan Scene. The doors open at 6.30 p.m., entrance is free. The screening will be followed by a session of questions and answers. The film is about 50 minutes, in Burmese with English subtitles.

About the Director

Dr. Daw Khin Mar Mar Kyi, a social and cultural anthropologist, is an award-winning gender specialist and filmmaker. She won the ‘Excellence in Gender Research’ title in 2013 —the most prestigious award given to an Australian academic in the area of gender studies. Dr. Mar was born and grew up in Rangoon. She lived in Thailand, Lao, Malaysia, and Cambodia before moving to Australia. While teaching at the Australian National University for many years, Dr. Mar completed her Grad. Dip, MA, MAS, and PhD. Currently she is at the University of Oxford and she was a member of Oxford University delegation led by the university’s vice-chancellor. She is also a senior adviser and works with various senior officials and government in Australia amongst other places, as well as in various educational institutions and INGOs on gender, development, peace in Myanmar. Dr. Mar has many years of experience working with vulnerable Burmese communities in sensitive and complex political environments where violence, poverty, and substance abuse are common. Her application of transformative research methodology stands her in good stead as she embarks on her research to investigate issues of gender-education, development and peace within the framework of a modernising Burmese society and cultural transformation. She has won several other awards, including the ‘Australia Day Unsung Hero Award’ in 2008 and the Australian National University Asian Studies award in 2009; she was a nominee for the Australian International Women’s Day Award in 2010.

Let`s Speak Art # 2 – From Sketch to Concept, the Language of Art
11 November 2014, 19:19
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Please join us on November 12, 2014 for the next LSA this time diving in the topic of self-expression, how and why artists choose their genre of creation + Questions and Answers about the previous session. Starting at 6.30 pm at Pansodan Scene!


Let`s Speak Art!
17 October 2014, 18:09
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LetsSpeakArt_Pansodan Scene will welcome from the middle of October a new regular program. `Let`s Speak Art` is a series of friendly gatherings around the topic of art theory and techniques. The idea, conceived by Borbála Kálmán, a Hungarian art historian and curator living in Yangon since early 2014, is to provide regular sessions where artists, art lovers, actors of the art scene can share ideas around a specific topic for each session. The `art history club` would like to focus on issues around the contemporary art scene but also provide some background information on earlier art tendencies. Hence, the talks would help discover the different cultural contexts which have brought to life such movements as Surrealism, Cubism or given birth to the first conscious Abstract art works. For each occasion, an interesting visual material will be projected to illustrate the topics. The `Let`s Speak Art` sessions will be organized in association with Myannmar Art Resource Centre and Archive (MARCA), a young project dedicated to collect and digitize documents and books from the Asian art scene with a particular focus on Myanmar. For each `Let`s Speak Art!` session, some books relating to the current topic will be chosen and brought along for the audience to discover them at Pansodan Scene. MARCA has recently joined Asia Art Archive`s Open Edit: Mobile Library Project: starting in November in Myanmar, it will enable several hundred of books on art to travel in the entire country. Please join the first session of `Let`s Speak Art` on Wednesday October 22, 2014 at Pansodan Scene from 5.30 p.m. The event is free and don`t forget to bring some paper to take notes!
More information:

Short story – M San Myint
17 October 2014, 18:05
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M San Myint: Walking in the Rain, 2014

M San Myint: Walking in the Rain, 2014

M(yint) San Myint finished his art studies during the 1980s. Since about ten years, he uses a very special technique as a base of most of his works – silk-screening, completed by topics usually taken from everyday life. The motives laid on the canvas with the help of silk-screening technique usually repeat the main topic of the work – hence emphasizing its presence and its message. However, the painter often chooses to multiply some elements completely differing of the rest of the composition like in his `Number` series.

A rainy day… some were lucky to bring their umbrella. With shoes or without, men and women are walking in one direction, showing their back to the spectator. Behind the flooded road, thick vegetation arises – behind the various shades of green, grey house blocks appear in the background. Silence, fatigue can be felt through the brushstrokes, yet the painting is far from being sad. It is just every days. After a shorter contemplation, the heavy raindrops filling the surface turn out to be numbers. Floating throughout the whole entity of the painting, they weigh more than it would appear at first sight. Like thoughts spreading in the air, numbers are there to remind one of the main concerns of our every days. So simple, still so difficult to avoid them. Numbers for salary, for food. Numbers for family members, electricity bill, days of the months – but also to translate some values. They seem to be patterns, infiltrating in the entity of the composition. Can all the values be converted into money?

New Arrivals – Pansuriya suggests / October 2014
17 October 2014, 17:55
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Pansuriya Art Consultancy is a specialist service provider for art rentals and art investment. It issues for each Pansodan Art Post regular updates on new arrivals to Pansodan Gallery, outlining the original aspects of some works! Of course you are welcome to check out all the other new works every day at Pansodan Gallery from 10 a.m. to 6 p.m., or if you wish to sit down and enjoy art next to a coffee, ginger soda or mango smoothie, the right venue is Pansodan Scene with the same opening! Feel free to contact Pansuriya Art Consultancy ( if you need advice on collecting or wish to rent works to change the whole aspect of your office, home or restaurant!


Aung Htoo: Whirl, 2014

Aung Htoo: Whirl, 2014

Aung Htoo: Whirl, 2014

The young painter Aung Htoo is well known for his paintings approaching hyper-realism. He is fascinated by still-life, mainly transparent objects so difficult to grab technically. Paint as material also occupies a considerable role within his works: no wonder if on his latest paintings, the composition becomes more and more abstract as the objects draw so close to the viewer to eventually let `non-figurative` take control of the whole composition. His new experiments encouraged Aung Htoo to sometimes even step out into the third dimension while creating. The present canvas is an unusually big one: tension between the large, rough colour fields and the whirling shapes create a mystical atmosphere waiting to be unfold!


Aung Khaing: Women in Red, 2014

Aung Khaing: Women in Red, 2014

Aung Khaing: Women in Red, 2014

One of the elder masters of the Myanmar contemporary art scene, Aung Khaing recently presented a series of new paintings at Pansodan Scene through the exhibition titled Myanmar Nats. One of his most recent works is the present painting displaying young women in front of a lively red background. The large brushstrokes stand in contrast with the subtle black outlines. White emphasizes the vibrant surface meanwhile lending lightness to the work. A perfect match to dress up a space!

Tuesday Snippets #2
17 October 2014, 17:46
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PSD_2Every Tuesday evening Pansodan opens up its Gallery Space for a gathering, in which all sorts of people interested in the future of the country enjoy conversation and perhaps some beer until late at night. Guitars generally come out after midnight. Find out this time why Michelle, a novelist from Melbourne (Australia) came to Pansodan!

`I first showed up at Pansodan on a Tuesday night because a friend heard Aung Soe Min and Nancy Cunningham collect old photographs and thought they might have pictures in this archive that might be of use to me. I am here researching the ways people in the past have belonged to Rangoon. This is a project based in the personal – my family lived here for several generations and I was born here, but left while an infant. I am also here to find out what it means to come ‘back’ to a place that has been a strong part of my identity, but that I know very little about (apart from family stories of course). I am hoping to turn both strands of this research into my second book.`

October Selection
17 October 2014, 17:37
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Throughout the month of October, both in Pansodan Gallery and Pansodan Scene a wide selection of the Gallery`s collection will be exhibited, always holding something new to discover. Pansodan, working with a large number of artists, hence provides a possibility for interested visitors to discover some new talents or new arrivals. Please come and check out the collection in both venues every day between 10 a.m. and 6 p.m. Moreover, if you wish to relax by drinking a coffee or smoothie while enjoying art and quick internet, your venue is definitely Pansodan Café at Pansodan Scene!


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